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About the World Summit

The Objectives of the World Summit on Media for Children Foundation

The World Summit on Media for Children Foundation is an independent body which uses its expertise, networks and influence to:

•Achieve a greater understanding of developments in children's media around the world.

•Promote innovation in the development, design and provision of media for children.

•Reinforce the constructive role of media in the development, education and wellbeing of children.

•Draw the attention of key players in digital media to the importance of issues relating to children's lives.

•Promote a charter of guiding principles in children's digital media.

•Ensure the provision of high-quality digital resources for children will be guaranteed as the communications revolution proceeds.

•Assist in providing future opportunities for high-quality media for children around the world.


The World Summit movement was initiated by Dr Patricia Edgar and presented to a Round Table meeting hosted by PRIX JEUNESSE in May 1993. It was recognised that programming for children was changing and under threat in a variety of ways. Children's programming could not remain a purely domestic issue or survive with the values and objectives that industry professionals believed should apply. A global forum for the exploration of the issues was essential and World Summits were born.

World Summits are global conferences which provide a forum for the media industry, educators and other professionals committed to the improvement of quality media for children. They are held every three years in different parts of the world, and are hosted by independent groups and organisations which support the aims and objectives of the World Summit movement. Regional and World Summits provide on-going development and exchange of ideas, research and principles.

Past Summits

The World Summit on Media for Children Foundation guides the movement and invites committed and concerned organisations around the world to hold successive World Summits on Media for Children.

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